Outstanding Auto Body's Recent Projects

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Our Recent Projects

A client brought this car to us after another shop had done the collision work. As you can see from the beginning pictures in this slideshow, the condition of the car when it was given to us to fix the other body shop's work. The paint colors do not match, the welding is not smooth, the seams are not lined up properly, and the overall condition of the original shop's work is not only poor but in this condition the car was unsafe to drive. As you can see, the car looks outstanding after Brett and his team of trained professionals redid the work of the other shop.

The above example is the reason you need to choose a quality collision repair shop: the process is intricate and needs to be done by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing.

When you need your vehicle repaired after a collision, trust Outstanding Auto Body, the shop that offers quality repair and customer service. Outstanding Auto Body in Brownstown, PA provides all the collision repair services you need and we will communicate with you openly throughout the process. Contact us today, and get your vehicle looking like new again.