General Auto Services

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Why is vehicle maintenance important?

Vehicles are machines, and like any machine they need maintenance. For most vehicles, regular maintenance begins at 5,000 miles and continues from there every 5,000-10,000 miles. Of course, checking your car on a more regular basis is even better.

Maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoothly and safely down the road for a much longer distance compared to never doing upkeep. Your ownerís manual will outline all of the maintenance that needs to be done and when it needs to be done so that youíre prepared.

Every vehicle has an ownerís manual. Itís a thick book typically squirreled away in the glove box. If you canít find your copy, an electronic version could be online. Otherwise, contact your dealer for a copy. With manual in hand, head to the maintenance schedule section. Take note of the intervals for maintenance items like the engine oil, oil filter, tire rotation, belts, hoses and so on. Itís important to follow these manufacturer recommendations to keep the engine running as smoothly as possible.